Practicum & Capstone

Our practice-based learning philosophy is all about immersing our students in hands-on public health practice while offering employers the chance to tap into up-and-coming talent. Capstone and practicum experiences are where theory and academic preparation in the classroom meets real-world experiences in the field.

The practicum offers our MPH and DrPH students the opportunity to experience more than 100 hours of public health fieldwork. The capstone, a requirement for our MPH students, is an independent project that provides a deliverable back to the host agency. Following the completion of their capstone project, our MPH students present their work at the Public Health Forum​, an event held each semester.

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Differences between practicum and capstone

  • Similar to an internship experience
  • Broad learning opportunity
  • Assist host site with multiple activities, programs, or initiatives
  • Involves community engagement

Please note: practicum and capstone projects can be with the same host site, but it's not required.

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