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MPH in Population Mental Health & Wellbeing

This program is among the first and only accredited Master of Public Health programs in the U.S. focused on population mental health. You can complete this program entirely online or at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. In this program, you’ll gain a strong foundation in the principles and theories of public health practice, with the specialized knowledge needed to practice public health in the areas of mental health, substance use, and wellbeing. You'll join a community of people who are dedicated to lessening the burden that mental health and substance use disorders have on the health of individuals, families, and communities. In addition, you’ll have access to faculty with a wide range of expertise—from autism spectrum disorders, to cannabis use, to suicide.

Quick facts, careers, and skills

When you leave this program, you’ll be ready to bridge the gap between population health and mental health by advancing the integration of physical and mental health care, promoting overall wellbeing, and focusing on prevention and early intervention. 

Quick facts

Program location: Online & CU Anschutz
Credit hours: 42
Est. time to complete: 2 years

Sample careers

Community health worker
Health educator
Program coordinator
& more

Skills you'll gain

Community engagement
Program planning
Research and evaluation
& more


This 42-credit hour program offers both in-classroom and applied learning experiences. The program is ideal for public health professionals seeking to expand their expertise to mental health and well-being promotion, service providers who seek a population-level perspective, or those looking to launch a career in this exciting new field.

Suggested electives

Total credits: 42


IdentifierCompetenciesCourses Where Competency is Addressed/Assessed
MPH-PMHW 1Demonstrate thorough understanding of prevalence rates, risk and protective factors, and the vulnerabilities and strengths in communities to mental health and substance disorders.PMHW 6601
MPH-PMHW 2Critically evaluate the theoretical constructs of well-being in the promotion of mental health and prevention of substance use.PMHW 6621
MPH-PMHW 3Develop a policy brief to reflect the impact of behavioral health policies related to integrated health care systems.PMHW 6620
MPH-PMHW 4Develop a comprehensive evaluation plan to assess the implementation and effectiveness of a public health program or policy.CBHS 6612
MPH-PMHW 5Analyze the individual, social, cultural, and structural factors that uniquely relate to effective prevention and treatment strategies of major mental health and substance use disorders.PMHW 6601


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