Mission & Vision

Our new vision:

Public Health Elevated. Rising Together for a Healthier Future for All

“Public Health Elevated."

What This Means: We are not just reimagining public health at Colorado School of Public Health; we are leading the charge in public health education, championing health equity, conducting innovative research, and connecting and building partnerships for a healthier future. The vision is about elevating how we advance, teach, research, and deliver public health.   

“Rising Together for a Healthier Future for All” 


Our Commitment: This line is crucial. It defines us. We believe in a healthier future shared by everyone and we aspire to do all that we can to achieve this goal. We are a community that collaborates across our three campuses, with the communities that we serve, and with public health partners across the state and around the globe to work towards the improvement of health for all people. As champions of health equity, we address inequities through our research, teaching, and practice, engaging authentically with communities, locally and globally.

Our mission statement is comprised of four key components:


Reimagine Public Health Education 
As a premier school for public health leaders and workforce, we create a dynamic and engaging educational experience that prepares students to partner with a diverse array of communities and populations to address the most daunting public health problems.   

Pursue and Champion Health Equity   
We are resilient in our pursuit of health equity, with a focus on elevating equity, diversity, inclusivity, and access as a core pillar of our mission. Our dedication ensures that every individual can achieve optimal health.   

Centered in Science, Proven in Practice   
Our signature approach merges scientific research with practical application. By grounding our work in evidence-based methodologies, we translate academic insights into tangible health improvements and as such, are indispensable to our constituents.     

Connect to Community, Build Partnerships for a Healthier Future 
At the heart of our mission are strong community connections and partnerships. We are indispensable to our partners and promote innovation that lays the foundation for thriving, healthier communities in all public health communities.   

Uplift and Empower Our People to Thrive  
Our faculty, staff, and students are the foundation of our entire organization. We recognize their individual strengths, champion their growth, and foster a sense of belonging among all members of our school community. We create an environment where our people thrive so that they can help others to thrive. 


Our core values:

Our most significant advancements in public health are achieved by working together. Leveraging the power of collaboration and teamwork, we bring together diverse minds and disciplines to address complex public health challenges.  
We are committed to eradicating systems that create health inequities. Our actions are fueled by this commitment and our dedication reflects our deepest values in action, embodying the very core of our public health mission. 
We embody the “ART” of public health: Authentic in our intentions; Reliable in our commitments; and Trustworthy in our conduct. We maintain the highest ethical standards in our research, teaching, and community engagement.  
We approach each other and those we serve with genuine kindness, understanding, mutual respect, compassion, and deep human connection. We cultivate an environment where empathy and care are the norms, and every individual and community feel seen, heard, and valued. 
Spirit of Possibility  
We celebrate a possibility-focused mindset, where curiosity, innovative thinking, and courage are nurtured to drive continuous learning and growth in public health. It's an exciting journey where taking risks is embraced as a pathway to discovery and improvement.  

Action & Impact 
We are driven by a determination to turn innovative ideas into purposeful actions that lead to significant, positive changes in public health. 'Action & Impact' embodies our pledge to create a significant positive difference, one purposeful step at a time. 
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