Community & Behavioral Health

We partner with communities to investigate, apply, and evaluate solutions to critical health problems.

What we do

From mental health and fitness to community health education, policy and practice, we're public health researchers and professionals who understand that social and behavioral factors influence individual and community health. In the Department of Community & Behavioral Health, we're dedicated to working on the frontlines of public health through investigating, applying, and evaluating solutions that address the critical health problems faced by our communities. We research and participate in public health practice projects that cover a variety of topics ranging from child and maternal health to community health education. In addition, we offer interdisciplinary programs that focus on public health leadership and population mental health.

What you can learn

A graduate degree in community & behavioral health prepares you to take the next step in public health practice. You’ll gain a strong understanding of research, program planning, and project evaluation—figuring out the problems that need to be addressed, what kind of program can make a difference, and how to implement it. You’ll also learn how to develop community partnerships to make sure public health solutions fit the population. Our graduates work in federal, state, and local public health agencies, nonprofit organizations, and healthcare management.


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