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MPH in Maternal & Child Health

As a student in this program, you’ll learn how to define public health needs related to maternal and child health, design strategies to address those needs, and evaluate the effectiveness of different policies and programs. Our faculty and students are passionate about working with diverse populations to improve the health of mothers, children, and families. You’ll have access to faculty with a wide range of expertise—from reproductive health, to child development, to intimate partner violence.

Quick facts, careers, and skills

When you leave this program, you’ll be ready to manage programs, conduct research, and change policies that affect the health of women, children, and their families.

Quick facts

Program location: CU Anschutz
Credit hours: 42-45
Est. time to complete: 2 years
Option: Emphasis in global health

Sample careers

Health educator
Evaluation specialist
Program officer
& more

Skills you'll gain

Policy analysis
Program planning and implementation
Research and evaluation
& more


This 42- to 45-credit hour program offers both in-classroom and applied learning experiences. Our curriculum provides training in maternal and child health policy, program management and evaluation, and the application of research methods to maternal and child health issues. And if your interests are bigger than one country can contain, we offer the option to add an emphasis in global public health, where you’ll learn how to apply public health principles to address maternal and child health in the global arena.

Total credits: 42


IdentifierCompetenciesCourse Where Competency is Addressed/Assessed
CN-MCH 1Evaluate how health disparities, inequities and racism impact MCH programs, services, and practices.CBHS 6621
CN-MCH 2Select and interpret existing data sources to compare and contrast the health of MCH populations across different regions and countries.EPID 6644
CN-MCH 3Develop a comprehensive evaluation plan to assess the implementation and effectiveness of a public health program or policy.CBHS 6612
CN-MCH 4Interpret state or national performance measures to evaluate public health programs or services and provide recommendations.HSMP 6614
CN-MCH 5Critically analyze the efficacy of current evidence-based methods, programs or policies in the development and delivery of MCH services or interventions using available academic, program evaluation or legislative reports.CBHS 6621
CN-MCH 6Apply lifecourse and other relevant theories to maternal and child health policy development.HSMP 6614

Adding an emphasis in global health

The MPH in Maternal & Child Health + Global Health is a 46-credit-hour program that's designed to provide you with a public health perspective of globalization and global health issues. As a student in this program, you'll gain the skills you need to apply public health methods to address global challenges.

Total credits: 46

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