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MPH in Epidemiology

In this program, you’ll study diseases in populations and learn how to apply evidence-based information to promote health and prevent illness. In epidemiology, we get to see the applications of our work every day, saving lives in the here and now and in the future. And as a student in our department, you’ll have access to faculty with a wide range of expertise—from food safety, to diabetes, to gene-environment interactions, we do it all. We offer two distinct MPH programs—one at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and one at CSU. For information about the CU Anschutz program, please see below. For information about the CSU program, please visit the CSU website.

Quick facts, careers, and skills

When you leave this program, you’ll have broad and applied experience in figuring out where diseases are going, how to cut them off, and how to change systems to better promote public health.

Quick facts

Program location: CU Anschutz*
Credit hours: 42-45
Est. time to complete: 2 years
Option: Emphasis in global health

Sample careers

Disease intervention specialist
Program evaluator
Infection control officer
& more

Skills you'll gain

Study design and interpretation
Disease outbreak investigation
Disease surveillance implementation
& more

*For information about our CSU-based program, please visit the CSU website.


This 42- to 45-credit hour program offers both in-classroom and applied learning experiences. In addition to the public health core areas, you'll take classes in biostatistics, research methods, and database design. You’ll also choose from a variety of elective courses so that you can hone in on what matters most to you. And if your interests are bigger than one country can contain, we offer the option to add an emphasis in global public health, where you’ll learn how to apply epidemiological principles in the global arena.

Total credits: 42


IdentifierCompetenciesCourse Where Competency is Addressed/Assessed
MPH-EPI​​D​​ 1​​Compare and prioritize public health issues within and across populations, using epidemiologic methods including measures of prevalence, incidence, morbidity, mortality, demographic characteristics and risk factors.EPID 6631
MPH-EPI​​D​​ 2Critically review and evaluate public health and other scientific literature to identify threats to internal validity, strengths and weaknesses of individual studies, and assess for overall strength of evidence.EPID 6626
MPH-EPI​​D​​ 3Formulate an answerable research question, specific aims, and hypotheses to advance knowledge for a public health issue.EPID 6626
MPH-EPI​​D​​ 4Use computer software for data entry, database management and summarizing, analyzing and displaying data.BIOS 6680
MPH-EPI​​D​​ 5Apply and interpret the concepts of effect modification, confounding, and bias in research design and analysis approaches.BIOS 6602


Adding an emphasis in global health

The MPH in Epidemiology + Global Public Health is a 45-credit-hour program that's designed to provide you with a public health perspective of globalization and global health issues. As a student in this program, you'll gain the skills you need to apply public health methods to address global challenges.

Total credits: 45

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