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Certificate in Population Mental Health & Wellbeing

This certificate, offered at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, will help you to understand the challenges of preventing and treating mental health and substance use conditions to promote mental well-being at a population level. You'll be introduced to innovative, population-minded approaches to behavioral health issues and be trained in epidemiology, health policy, social and behavioral health, and more. This certificate is ideal for public health practitioners interested in building their expertise in behavioral health issues and for members of the behavioral health workforce looking for a population-based perspective.

Develop behavioral health expertise

Study the epidemiology of mental and substance use disorders, prevention and treatment strategies, integrative care models, and policy and advocacy efforts.

Combat stigma and misinformation

Address issues unique to the field of behavioral and mental health such as misinformation and stigma, lack of workforce training, and a failure to invest in mental health.

Gain a population level perspective

Promote mental health at a population level to improve the wellbeing of individuals and entire communities.


Total credits: 15

MPH students also completing a concurrent specialty certificate will need to meet the requirements of both the MPH and the certificate with only nine overlapping credits and have a minimum of 48 total credits to graduate with both.
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