Global Health Programs

Globalization has changed the way that governments and non-governmental organizations tackle challenging health issues like access to basic medical care and the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and diabetes. That's why we offer the opportunity to add a secondary emphasis in global health to many of our Master of Public Health concentrations, an MPH in Global Health & Health Disparities, courses with international travel components, and global health scholarships through our Center for Global Health.

Students who participate in our global health programs and offerings gain a public health perspective on global health issues, programs, and best practices. If you choose to add a global health emphasis to your MPH degree, you'll focus your elective credits on courses that apply your knowledge of public health to global populations. You'll learn how to effectively partner with communities around the world to improve health and well-being by working at both the community and systems levels. 

MPH concentrations by location

*Option to add an emphasis in global health.

Other learning opportunities

We offer a variety of international learning opportunities to help you broaden your skillset and get involved with the global community. Our courses and lecture series are designed to supplement knowledge gained in the classroom, so that you learn to approach global health issues from various perspectives and disciplines.​ ​

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