Don't just study, do. Learn in the classroom and in the community.

As the only collaborative, tri-institutional school of public health, we offer unique educational experiences. We have master's, doctoral, certificate, dual degree and residency programs. We also have a diverse range of concentration options. Whatever public health path you choose, we'll help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to be successful.

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Across our three universities, you'll find a variety of programs, specialty focus areas and courses. Learn the theoretical framework of public health while you get practical, hands-on experience.
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We have five academic departments in the core areas of public health: Biostatistics; Community & Behavioral Health; Environmental & Occupational Health; Epidemiology; and Health Systems, Policy & Management.
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We call three leading Colorado universities home: the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Colorado State University, and the University of Northern Colorado. Although we offer different programs on each university campus, together we're advancing our collective vision of a healthier tomorrow.
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