Residencies & Fellowships

We offer physician's training through two accredited residency programs on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus: Preventive Medicine and Occupational & Environmental Medicine. We also offer a one-year fellowship program in Occupational & Environmental Medicine. Residents can pursue a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree as part of their medical training or select the practicum-only track if they already have an MPH or equivalent degree. Residents from both specialties must complete both practical rotations and coursework leading to the MPH degree in order to be eligible to take board certification exams.


Global Emergency Medicine and Public Health Fellowship

This fellowship is designed to prepare emergency physicians to effectively participate in global health by providing training in the foundations of emergency medicine education, emergency systems development, humanitarian assistance, disaster management, community and public health, travel and field medicine, and program management. This fellowship is one or two years in length depending on an optional advanced degree (e.g. MPH).


Occupational & Environmental Medicine Fellowship

In this one-year program, fellows gain clinical and research experience in occupational medicine, have the opportunity to earn an MPH degree with a concentration in Environmental & Occupational Health, and practice their skills in a wide variety of settings, from medical facilities to industry sites.


Occupational & Environmental Medicine Residency

This is an accredited two-year residency program that trains physicians in occupational and environmental medicine. We seek applicants with fellow status and prior internal medicine, family practice, or other appropriate clinical training.


Preventive Medicine Residency

This residency is available to physicians at the PGY-2 level or higher. This educational program integrates academic and practicum experience. The academic portion of the training is provided by the MPH program. Residents spend the majority of their time gaining practicum experience at affiliated public health care and community organizations with release time for MPH coursework and other residency-related activities. A two-year, practicum-only program is available to residents who already have an MPH or equivalent degree.

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