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PhD in Biostatistics

This program will prepare you for advanced study and research in biostatistics. It's a great fit for students with a strong background in mathematics and statistics who are interested in working in health care and biological settings. As a student in this program, you'll function as an independent investigator or co-investigator with researchers in other areas, taking the lead in designing studies and analyses. Our faculty are studying the analysis of longitudinal data, clinical trials, statistical methods in genetics and genomics, causal modeling, treatment of missing data and imputation, image analysis, functional data analysis, and data visualization, which means you can find the mentor who's right for you. 

Quick facts, careers, and skills

When you leave this program, you'll be prepared to teach and carry out research developing new statistical methods.

Quick facts

Program location: CU Anschutz
Credit hours: 79
Est. time to complete: 5-6 years (with MS)

Sample careers

Independent research investigator
Lead or co-investigator
& more

Skills you'll gain

Applied and theoretical statistics
Computational statistics
Study design and analysis
& more


If you have an MS in Biostatistics or a related field, this program can be completed in three to four years. Typically, you'll spend the first one to two years devoted to coursework and the later years on research and your dissertation. Research and dissertation work involves developing, comparing, and evaluating statistical methods (e.g. methods for analyzing data), typically motivated by an application in healthcare or biology.​ Check out the Department of Biostatistics & Informatics FAQ page for more information about this program.

Total credits: 80


Support from the department

The past several years, all PhD students desiring funding have been supported on Research or Teaching Assistantships (RA/TA) that pay a stipend, tuition, and health insurance. Through these positions students conduct independent research as well as receiving real-world research and collaborative experience on a very large and active health sciences campus. PhD students are also required to serve at least one semester as a TA.

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