As a Colorado School of Public Health student, you have access to many resources that are part of the CU Anschutz Medical Campus (our school's administrative hub) as well as your home campus—CU Anschutz, CSU, or UNC, depending on which degree program you're enrolled in.

Administrative functions such as course registration, tuition payment, financial aid, our Office of Academic & Student Affairs, and many of our student support services are run through our CU Anschutz Medical Campus location and your UCDAccess portal. Educational resources such as Canvas (course portal), textbooks, and course communication are unique to the courses you’re taking and the campus where those courses are offered. Most ColoradoSPH students take the majority of their classes on their home campus, but you have the opportunity to take ColoradoSPH courses offered at any of our three universities. Additional student resources are also available on each of our three university campuses.


Academics and admin

Canvas course portals

Each of our three universities have their own Canvas systems—a course management and online system for classes. You'll need to access the Canvas portal of your home campus as well as the portal where your courses are offered.

IT contacts

Each of our three universities have their own information technology support teams. Please contact them if you encounter technical issues related to passwords, account access, software use, file storage, and more.

CU Anschutz tech support resources

Advising preparation

To prepare for advising appointments, please review the curriculum and curriculum checklist for your degree program. To find this information, please visit your program's webpage—linked on the MPH, MS, DrPH, PhD, and certificate pages. You will also want to review the upcoming course offerings to plan which courses you'll take in the upcoming semester.

Students whose home campus is the CU Anschutz Medical Campus are assigned an advisor based on their degree program in their first semester. To find contact information for your advisor or to search for faculty by department, please visit our school directory.

Still not sure who your advisor is or have other questions? Please contact the Office of Academic & Student Affairs.


    Search for textbooks based on where your class is held and in that campus' bookstore. Be sure to double-check the course number, host campus, and instructor for your courses by reviewing that semester's course schedule on the courses & registration page. Important note: to find required textbooks for courses offered at UNC and CSU, you'll need to search that campus' bookstore with the UNC or CSU course code (which can sometimes be different than how it is listed in the ColoradoSPH general coursebook, but should match the latest course schedules, organized by campus).


    Financing and funding



    Career services

    Our school's Career & Employer Services team can help you prepare for and pursue a rewarding career in public health. We offer career advising sessions, resources to help you in your job search, and networking opportunities specific to the field of public health. In addition our school's career services resources, ColoradoSPH at CSU and ColoradoSPH at UNC students may also access career services on their home campus.

    All current ColoradoSPH students can log into Handshake—our career board—using the CU Anschutz Medical Campus' single sign-on process and email address.

    Student employment

    Graduate assistantships

    Depending on need and funding availability, some of our departments hire ColoradoSPH graduate assistants and teaching assistants to assist our faculty based on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus with course instruction or research projects. These positions are competitive and typically priority is given to PhD and DrPH students after they are admitted to the school.

    To inquire about these opportunities, please contact your advisor or department chair.

    On-campus employment

    Many of our ColoradoSPH at CU Anschutz students find it feasible to work while taking classes. For full-time students, most are able to work 10-15 hours per week, and some can work up to 20 hours per week.

    Student positions at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus are posted in Handshake. All ColoradoSPH students, regardless of home campus, have access to Handshake.


    Student life and support