Why choose ColoradoSPH?

Don’t just study, do

We don't believe in research just for research's sake. We're taking what we're learning and applying it in the real world, in real-time. Our faculty, students, and alumni are advancing health policies locally, studying infectious diseases in rural communities abroad, and practicing public health in countless other ways.

Change the world, your way

To tackle big issues like health disparities and climate change, we’re getting creative. Sure, we’re public health practitioners and educators. But if you called us innovators, we wouldn’t correct you. Join a community of people who think outside the box and care as much as you do.

Blaze your own trail

No two students are exactly alike. That's why we offer a wide variety of public health graduate programs—to help you tailor your education to your passions. And as a tri-institutional public health school, our students have the unique opportunity to take courses at each of our three universities.

Team up and learn more

We draw from the expertise of faculty and staff from not just one, but three leading universities. Our faculty, staff, and students work together to reach underserved populations, share knowledge, and conduct research. And that spirit of collaboration extends beyond university walls and into the communities we serve.