We study patterns of disease and injury in populations and how to prevent and control disease.

What we do

In the Department of Epidemiology, we’re asking questions about diseases. We do the basic science of public health, providing the data and scientific foundations that other fields apply. We figure out where diseases come from, where they are headed next, how to cut them off, and how to change systems in ways that protect lives.

What you can learn

A graduate degree in epidemiology prepares you to be the whole scientific package: designing research studies, analyzing the data, and interpreting the results. You’ll gain a strong understanding of what numbers can tell us in the fight against both chronic and infectious diseases. You’ll also learn how to be part of data-driven decision making on every level from an individual hospital to international organizations. When you leave our programs, you’ll be ready to serve as the scientific authority on public health teams. Our graduates work in health departments, research labs, scientific and medical associations, and hospitals.


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