School leadership

Jonathan Samet, MD, MS

Jonathan Samet MD, MS

Dean & Professor

Chloe Bennion MPH

Director of Student Affairs & Academic Operations

Cathy Bradley PhD

Associate Dean for Research, Professor, Deputy Director (CU Cancer Center)

Danielle Brittain PhD

Associate Dean for Academics & Student Affairs, Professor

Carolyn Diguiseppi MPH, PhD, MD

Associate Dean for Faculty, Professor

Tonya Ewers MA

Director of Marketing & Communications

Christine Gillen MS

Associate Dean for Administration & Finance

Cerise Hunt PhD, MSW

Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Director (Center for Public Health Practice), Clinical Assistant Professor

Lisa Miller MD, MSPH

Professor, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, Program Director (PM Residency)

Tracy Nelson MPH, PhD

Professor, Director of ColoradoSPH at CSU

Teresa Sharp PhD

Associate Professor & Director, ColoradoSPH at UNC

Kevin Young MBA, BSM

Director of Human Resources

University leadership