Strategic Planning

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The strategic plan and process

The strategic planning process charting our school’s future from 2024-2029 is underway. 

A 10-person Steering Committee representing the school's three campuses as well as its diverse disciplines and program has been formed and will meet regularly throughout the strategic plan creation. This process includes:

Phase 1: Identity Formation. We will crystallize our vision, mission, and core values through a comprehensive survey and collaborative workshops.
Phase 2: Strategic Planning. We will set our goals, formulate strategies, develop action plans, allocate resources, and initiate executive coaching for our leadership and strategy champions.
Phase 3: Execution & Sustained Coaching Support. We will ensure the successful implementation of the strategic plan through ongoing coaching, monitoring, evaluation, and feedback loops.

Steering Committee

Cathy Bradley PhD

Dean & Professor; Deputy Director (CU Cancer Center)

Danielle Brittain PhD

Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs, Professor

Ned Calonge MD, MPH

Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, Clinical Teaching Professor

Dannon Cox PhD

Assistant Professor

Christine Gillen MS

Associate Dean for Administration & Finance

Cerise Hunt PhD, MSW

Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Director (Center for Public Health Practice), Clinical Assistant Professor

Michelle Kuba MPH

Assistant Dean of Operations

Tracy Nelson MPH, PhD

Director of ColoradoSPH at CSU, Professor

Jill Norris PhD, MPH

Professor, Chair (EPI Dept.)

Gregory Tung PhD, MPH

Associate Professor
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