MS in Biostatistics

This program emphasizes the applied and theoretical nature of biostatistics. In addition to courses on theory, statistical computing, consulting, analysis of clinical trials, and longitudinal and survival data, you'll be exposed to a wide variety of research areas including statistical genetics and genomics, causal inference, infectious disease, and cancer research. During the program, you’ll get involved in research with a faculty mentor as part of your thesis or research paper. You'll also have the opportunity to specialize in one of two minor areas within the MS—Statistical Genomics and Data Science Analytics. 

Quick facts, careers, and skills

When you graduate with an MS in Biostatistics, you’ll be ready for a career designing and analyzing clinical trials and public health studies.

Quick facts

Program location: CU Anschutz
Est. time to complete: 2 years
Credit hours: 36
Option: Minor in Statistical Genomics/Genetics or Data Science Analytics

Sample careers

Data analyst
Data scientist
& more

Skills you'll gain

Data visualization
Collaborative research
Statistical programming
& more


This program will prepare you for in-depth study and research in statistics as it applies to healthcare and biological settings. You'll get a balance between theory, methods, and hands-on practical and research experience. Our required courses include applied and theoretical statistics, statistical computing, consulting, and advanced statistical modeling. Plus, you can choose elective coursework ranging from analysis of clinical trials to survival analysis to statistical ‘omics. You'll also complete a Master's research paper or thesis.

In addition, we offer two minor areas of specialization within the MS—Statistical Genomics and Data Science Analytics. We recommend planning out the minor in your first year to ensure timely graduation and availability of electives. Check out the Department of Biostatistics & Informatics FAQ page for more information about this program.

Examples of thesis titles and research conducted by past students can be found at the bottom of the department's students page.

Total credits: 36

Sample schedule

The following sample schedule is designed to help you plan your courses. The number of credits in a given semester, the order in which the required courses are taken, and the courses you take to meet the concentration requirements may vary. ​Please note that you cannot use the same course to fulfill more than one requirement. The MS in Biostatistics degree is designed to be completed in two academic years.


Minor in Statistical Genomics & Genetics

We offer two minors—small, optional groupings of courses—that are designed to provide specialization for the MS degree on a certain topic. The Statistical Genomics & Genetics minor, offers an official designation in a topic that has become very popular within the field of biostatistics and is a strength of our program that will help you with employment and other opportunities.

Minor in Data Science Analytics

In response to a changing landscape of biomedical research that relies more and more on the generation, analysis, and interpretation of large data sets, we offer a minor in Data Science Analytics. Students pursuing this minor within their MS in Biostatistics will have an official designation that will help with employment and other opportunities upon graduation.

Support from the department

This program is designed to be completed in two years by full time students. Many MS students are supported through research or teaching assistantship positions. These positions are competitive and offer opportunities for training and experience in research, teaching, and practice in biostatistics. During the past several years more than half of MS students were supported in some way upon entry to the program, and all students were supported in research positions by the end of their first summer. Through these positions students gain real-world research and collaborative experience on a very large and active health sciences campus. This practical experience is a strength of our program.

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