Our focus

Our faculty and students conduct research on population-level disease prevention, health promotion, health policy, and more. We have a tradition of excellence in research and the application of that knowledge through public health practice and service. Our experienced faculty share their research with community leaders, policymakers, and fellow researchers to better inform the public, respond to emergencies, and provide counsel on emerging health issues facing communities.

Our research- and practice-focused centers specialize in a wide range of important public health topics—including diabetes epidemiology, cancer prevention, and statistical consulting—and are nationally, if not internationally, recognized for their work. Our Center for Global Health is the only World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Promoting Family and Child Health in the Americas. We’re also home to nationally-funded research centers including the Colorado Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence, one of six centers of its kind funded by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC); Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center, one of 10 centers funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration Agency; and the Center for Health, Work & Environment (one of 10 centers of its kind funded by the CDC).