School at a Glance

The Colorado School of Public Health is built on the collective expertise and vision of faculty at three leading educational and research institutions: the University of Colorado, Colorado State University and the Unive​rsity of Northern Colorado. We are uniquely defined by our history, collaborative identity, and collective strengths. Each day our faculty, students, alumni, and community partners work together to fulfill a commitment to protect and promote health across Colorado, the nation, and the globe.
Group of ColoradoSPH students smiling

Quick facts

3 universities

5 departments

700+ students

125+ primary faculty

  • MPH: 89% employed, 11% continuing education/training, 4% actively seeking employment
  • DrPH: 100% employed
  • MS: 90% employed, 10% continuing education/training
  • PhD: 100% employed

2020-2021 available data