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MPH in Leadership & Public Health Practice

As a student in this online program, you’ll gain the skills needed to take the next step in your career and ground your work in the foundations of public health. We offer all of the required courses online—in both asynchronous and synchronous formats. We don't run on a cohort model so you can adjust your coursework on a semester-by-semester basis to accommodate your work or personal schedule.

Quick facts, careers, and skills

When you leave this program, you’ll be ready to move up in public-health-driven organizations, taking on new challenges and expanding the scope of your work. 

Quick facts

Program location: Online

Credit hours: 42

Est. time to complete: 2 years

Sample careers

Program director

Hospital administrator

Project manager

& more

Skills you'll gain

Resource management

Public health administration


& more


This 42-credit hour program includes practice-based learning experiences. With courses in all five core areas of public health, ranging from biostatistics to health policy, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the discipline. You’ll also gain the management, budgeting, evaluation, and public health administration experience you need to become an effective leader and manager, and you'll tailor your coursework to your passions with nine elective credits. 

Total credits: 42


IdentifierCompetenciesCourse Where Competency is Addressed/Assessed
MPH-​LPHP​ 1​​Use a health equity lens to develop an implementation plan for public health laws, regulations, or policies.HSMP 6640
MPH-LPHP 2Create a personal development plan, including an achievable mission, set of core values and vision, and use these to guide personal and professional action.CBHS 6640
MPH-LPHP​​ 3Apply a systems thinking framework to evaluate issues internal and external to an organization that may impact the delivery of essential public health services and suggest potential solutions.CBHS 6640
MPH-LPHP​​ 4Apply appropriate leadership frameworks and styles to organizational team-building and decision-making.CBHS 6640
MPH-LPHP​​ 5Develop a comprehensive evaluation plan to assess the implementation and effectiveness of a public health program or policy.CBHS 6612
MPH-LPHP​​ 6​Apply principles of strategic planning, management and budgeting to organizational or community settings.HSMP 6634
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