Each of the five academic departments in the Colorado School of Public Health is dedicated to a specific field within public health education and research. Visit our department websites to learn more about specific programs, courses, research and faculty information. Departments are primarily housed at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, with additional faculty from partner institutions Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado.
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In biostatistics and informatics, we apply analytic methods, statistical reasoning, and information management to address health data in medical and public health fields. Our work includes the design and analysis of basic, applied, and translational research and clinical trials, statistical consulting, developing new statistical methods, disease information services, research databases, and more.

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In community and behavioral health, we merge the fields of sociology, psychology, anthropology, and epidemiology to assess community needs and develop programs and policies that promote health, prevent disease, and enhance quality of life. Our work emphasizes community involvement and collaboration in concert with scientific evidence to understand and influence health and well-being.

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In environmental and occupational health, we ensure our residential, professional, and industrial environments are safe and sustainable. We work closely with industry partners and policymakers to address issues of clean air and water, environmental health hazards, community and urban development, laws and regulations, and sustainability. 

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In epidemiology, we examine the causes, effects, and prevention of disease and disability. We study the underlying causes of both chronic diseases, like diabetes and cancer, and emerging infectious diseases in humans and animals. Epidemiology is broad; we also study injury control and prevention, birth defects, newborn screening, and disease surveillance, looking at genetic and molecular influences and contributing community and social factors. Our work gets translated into national and international policies and programs aimed at preventing the cause and spread of disease.

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In health systems, management, and policy we focus on the administrative components of health care, health care access, financing, and health services. Our work includes the administration and management needed to effectively operate public and private-sector health programs, health outcomes research, economics, law, ethics, and health policy.

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