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DrPH in Occupational & Environmental Health

The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program in Environmental and Occupational Health is a specialized doctoral program designed for individuals who are passionate about addressing critical public health issues related to environmental sustainability, workplace safety, and the impact of the environment on human health. This program offers advanced education and practical training to equip graduates with the expertise needed to lead in this field. Students work closely with faculty mentors, take required courses, and customize an area of expertise such as environmental justice, chemical risk assessment, and the impacts of climate change on worker health. 

Quick facts, careers, and skills

Students in this program gain a deep understanding of the environmental and occupational health sciences and the skills necessary to hold leadership positions in private, nonprofit, academic, and government organizations.

In this program, students gain: 

Advanced Knowledge in Environmental and Occupational Health: The program provides in-depth training in the principles, theories, and current practices in environmental and occupational health, including the assessment of environmental hazards and workplace risks.

Research and Applied Skills: Graduates will develop advanced research and applied skills, enabling them to conduct comprehensive assessments of environmental and occupational health issues, design intervention strategies, and evaluate the effectiveness of public health policies and programs.

Leadership in Public Health Practice: The program emphasizes leadership development, preparing students to lead and manage public health initiatives, departments, and organizations.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Students will learn to collaborate across disciplines, working with experts in environmental science, public policy, industrial hygiene, and more to address complex environmental and occupational health challenges.

Policy Advocacy and Implementation: Graduates will be equipped to advocate for and implement evidence-based policies and practices that promote environmental sustainability and occupational health and safety.

Quick facts

Program location: CU Anschutz
Credit hours: 55
Est. time to complete: 4-6 years

Sample careers

Public health director
Worker health specialist
Research scientist
& more

Skills you'll gain

Analysis of environmental hazards
Public health leadership
Translating research to practice


Upon entering the DrPH program, students will have three years to pass the written qualifying exam and should complete the dissertation and public defense of the dissertation within seven years of entering the program.

Each student, in consultation with their faculty advisor, will develop a proposed course of study. The course of study must specify both a major focus area of study, selective courses to be taken, and proposed timeline for courses, practicum, comprehensive exams, and dissertation. 

Total credits: 55 


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