Administrative Units

The Colorado School of Public Health administration is organized by function into administrative units. Each unit provides contact information, resources and oversight for a variety of school-wide operations. Offices are located primarily at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Dean Jonathan Samet, MD, MS, maintains an office at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Learn more about our the school's deans, office staff, and resources.

Coordination and direction for the school's budgetary, finance, human resources and operational services. Our Office of Administration and Finance coordinates and directs the school's budgetary, finance, human resources, and operational services support.

The Office of Admissions & Student Affairs coordinates admissions, commencement, registration, career services, and student services.

Our Office of Communications & Marketing provides direction, assistance and resources for alumni affairs, advancement, marketing, media relations and general external relations.

The Office of Faculty Affairs provides guidance and service to the school's faculty, department chairs, the Dean, the Provost Office as well as our partner and affiliate institutions, and other constituents. The office supports, organizes and manages diverse processes related to faculty appointments, promotion & tenure, reviews & evaluations, academic policies, as well as faculty development & administration.

Strategies for translating research into practice include creating practice-based academic and research units and offering fellowships, internships, and participatory programs that provide services and capacity building for the community.  

Public health practice occurs when we take our knowledge, skills and competencies and collectively use them to improve population health. This occurs through organized, strategic, interdisciplinary action. We work with you to provide seamless essential public health services and make positive change in your community.