Advisory Board

The Colorado School of Public Health Advisory Board advises school leadership on multiple aspects of the school's work, including:

  • Strategic vision and planning
  • Development and external relations
  • Governance
  • Other essential strategic issues

Functions of board membership

  • Become an informed advocate for public health education, research and improving Colorado's health
  • Assist the School to develop a unique identity among schools of public health and build support among key constituencies for its programs
  • Serve as a vehicle for two-way communication between the School and business leaders and other universities
  • Provide a continuing source of information and insights regarding the health care and public health environment and potential challenges and opportunities for the School and its programs
  • Advise and assist in shaping goals, strategies and priorities both for the short and long term
  • Advise and assist in assessing the School's programs and progress toward strategic goals
  • A subcommittee may function as a development committee to provide leadership and linkages for program development and fundraising locally and nationally

Board members

The Colorado School of Public Health Advisory Board includes community leaders from across the state of Colorado.

  • Chair: Chris Wiant, President & CEO, Caring for Colorado Foundation​
  • Immediate Past Chair: Donna Boucher, Retired Founder & President, Bates Group Inc.
  • Judith Albino, University of Colorado President Emerita & Professor Emerita, ColoradoSPH & School of Dental Medicine
  • Cody Belzley, Principal, Common Good Consulting
  • Cathy Bradley, Dean & Professor, Colorado School of Public Health
  • Luis Colón, Chief Development Officer, Mile Hi United Way
  • Bob Daugherty, Emeritus Dean, University of Nevada School of Medicine
  • Arthur Davidson, Director, Public Health Informatics, Epidemiology & Preparedness, Denver Public Health
  • Diedre Johnson, CEO & Executive Director, Center for African American Health
  • Frank Judson, Professor Emeritus, CU School of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) & ColoradoSPH
  • R.J. Ross, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Samaritan Ministry & Samaritan Institute Foundation
  • Jonathan Samet, Past Dean and Professor, Colorado School of Public Health
  • Paul Schauer, Public Policy Professional, Former CU Regent & Former Colorado State Legislator​​
  • Alexis Sgouros, Vice President of Analytics for Colorado & Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente
  • Jerry Shelton, Retired Executive, Merck Pharmaceuticals
  • George Sparks, President & CEO, Denver Museum of Nature & Science
  • Claudia Steiner, Executive Director, Institute for Health Research, Kaiser Permanente
  • Chris Urbina, Family Medicine Physician, Previous Chief Medical Officer & Executive Director, CDPHE

Ex-Officio Board Members

The Dean's senior administration including campus directors, associate and assistant deans, and CU Advancement representatives are ex-officio members of the Advisory Board.

  • Dani Brittain, Associate Dean for Academics & Student Affairs
  • Megan Cooke, Director of Development
  • Sam MaWhinney, Associate Dean for Faculty
  • Tonya Ewers, Director of Communications & Marketing
  • Christine Gillen, Associate Dean for Administration & Finance
  • Cerise Hunt, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Ned Calonge, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice
  • Tracy Nelson, Director, ColoradoSPH at Colorado State University
  • Gary Heise, Interim Director, ColoradoSPH at the University of Northern Colorado
  • Lisa Vandetty, Philanthropic Advisor
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