ColoradoSPH Strategic Planning - March 2024 Update

ColoradoSPH Strategy Development 2024-2029

As we look towards the next five years at ColoradoSPH, we are undergoing a strategic planning process to lay out our priorities and crystallize our vision. The last five-year strategic plan, from 2019-2024, served us well and now we are embarking on the plan that will guide us for the next five years.

A Strategic Planning Steering Committee, made up of 10 faculty and staff from all three campuses has been established, and, for the past six months, has been meeting to provide input on the process to develop the strategy.

Surveys have been disseminated to all faculty, staff and students, and focus groups have been conducted with representative samples across all three campuses to get school-wide input on key messages and priorities. We have also reached out to community partners and peer institutions. This input has been critical to informing this process. ColoradoSPH has engaged a firm, Bridgepoint Coaching and Strategy Group, to consult in this process.

This vital work to help shape and direct our school for the next five years is essential to help ensure we are moving forward together, toward the same goal. Implementation of the new plan will begin in Fall 2024.

We have shared information about this process in faculty retreats and meetings, past newsletters, and on this web page. The web page, and our newsletters, will continue to be updated with current information, so please check back regularly.
Our new mission and vision statements will be unveiled in March, and Dean Bradley will address the results of this strategic planning process in a town hall this fall.

Strategic Planning timeline:
• Phase 1: November 2023 – February 2024: Identity Formation. We have crystallized our vision, mission, and core values through a comprehensive survey and collaborative workshops.

• Phase 2: February – August 2024: Strategic Planning. We will set our goals, formulate strategies, develop action plans, allocate resources, and initiate executive coaching for our leadership and strategy champions. Meetings have been planned with faculty, staff, students, community partners, peer institutions and more.

• Phase 3: Fall 2024: Execution & Sustained Coaching Support. We will ensure the successful implementation of the strategic plan through ongoing coaching, monitoring, evaluation, and feedback loops. The new mission and vision for ColoradoSPH will be announced in March.

How you can provide input:
• Surveys (now completed)
• Focus groups (now completed)
• If you are interested in serving on a planning committee, please contact Michelle Kuba, Assistant Dean of Operations, at
• If you have input you would like to share, contact your strategic planning steering committee representative:
• Cathy Bradley, ColoradoSPH Dean
• Danielle Brittain PhD, Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs, Professor
• Ned Calonge MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, Clinical Teaching Professor
• Dannon Cox PhD, Assistant Professor
• Christine Gillen, MS, Associate Dean for Administration & Finance
• Cerise Hunt PhD, MSW, Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Director (Center for Public Health Practice), Clinical Assistant Professor
• Michelle Kuba MPH, Assistant Dean of Operations
• Tracy Nelson, PhD, MPH, Director of ColoradoSPH at CSU
• Jill Norris PhD, MPH, Professor, Chair, Epidemiology
• Gregory Tung PhD, MPH, Associate Professor