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Diana Jaramillo MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Theresa Jennings

Assistant Director Of Operations

Rachel Jervis


Michael Jewell JD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ann Johnson MS

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Rachel Johnson MS

Research Instructor

Randi Johnson PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Temuulen Johnson

Grant Life Cycle Manager

Thomas Johnson PhD

Health Physics Program Director (MAP ERC)

Michelle Johnson-Jennings EdM, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Olivia Jolly MPH, CHES

Practice-Based Learning Manager

Chris Jones MPH

Senior Project Coordinator

Kaitlynn Jones MPH

Professional Research Assistant

Kit Jones MSW

Professional Research Assistant

Elizabeth Juarez-Colunga PhD

Assistant Professor

Jill Kaar PhD

Assistant Professor

Michael Kahn MD PhD

Emeritus - Professor

Alex Kaizer PhD

Assistant Professor

Kristopher Karnauskas PhD

Associate Professor

Irina Kasarskis MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Ellen Keane

Implementation Director

Katerina Kechris PhD

Professor, Associate Director of Data Science

Yvonne Kellar-Guenther PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Joshua Keller PhD

Assistant Professor

Miriam Kellerman BA

Health Promotion Coordinator

Erin Kelly DrPH, MA

Research Associate

Heather Kennedy PhD, MPH

Instructor & Youth Movement Program Manager

Kathy Kennedy DrPH,MA

Clinical Professor

Kristin Kidd MA

Business Services Manager

Robin Kimbrough-Melton JD

Research Professor

Michele Kimminau BA

Assistant Director of Finance

Beverly Kingston PhD

Senior Research Associate & Director (CU Boulder)

Gregory Kinney PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Hannah Kisselburgh MPH

Research Assistant

Sara Kitchen MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Melissa Koons

Business Program Manager

Michael Kosnett MD, MPH

Associate Adjunct Professor

Alisa Koval MD, MPH/MHSA

Associate Program Director (OEM Residency/Fellowship), Clinical Assistant Professor, Occupational Medicine Division Head (Denver Health)

Vladka Kovar MD, MPH, BA

Senior Evaluator, Research Associate

Nancy Krebs MD, MS

Associate Professor

Silpa Krefft

Assistant Professor

Debra Kreisberg PhD

Senior Clinical Instructor

Michelle Kuba MPH

Research Program Manager

Amanda Kujawa BA

Communications & Marketing Senior Professional

Deanna Kulbeth MA

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Rachael Lacy MPH

Professional Research Assistant

Deanna Laflamme MA

Program Director (COWP)

Molly Lamb PhD

Assistant Professor

Anne Lambert-Kersner PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Lisa Landry MD


Ethan Lange