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Alex Kaizer PhD

Assistant Professor
  • Center for Innovative Design & Analysis
  • Department of Biostatistics & Informatics

Dr. Kaizer is an assistant professor in the Department of Biostatistics & Informatics and a faculty member in the Center for Innovative Design & Analysis (CIDA). Dr. Kaizer is passionate about collaborative research across the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and the development of novel adaptive clinical trial designs that more efficiently and effectively utilize available resources, past trials, and past studies. He considers himself fortunate to have the opportunity to teach a variety of classes and short courses. He strives to translate complex statistical topics into understandable material that is more than "just math" and something we can actually appreciate and utilize in our daily lives and research.

What's in your data?    Inspiration   

"Biostatistics provides the tools to help rigorously evaluate and digest research findings from both "simple" and "complex" research projects in order to help others disseminate their information and make novel findings that can contribute to the improvement of public health and global society."

"A statistician/data scientist can help identify, evaluate, and execute the most appropriate methods to help efficiently answer your research question so that you can spend more time on your research and less time worrying about how to implement, explain, and disseminate your results."

Areas of Expertise

  • Adaptive clinical trial designs
  • Methods to incorporate information sharing
  • Bayesian hierarchical modeling
  • Biomarker validation and evaluation
  • Meta-analyses

Education, Licensure & Certifications

  • PhD, Biostatistics, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • BS, Demographic Analysis (Interdisciplinary Studies), Truman State University

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