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Paula Langner

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Dave LaRocca MS

Senior Professional Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant

Heather Leach PhD

Assistant Professor

Kathleen Leedom MA

Senior Health Promotion Coordinator

Angela Lee-Winn PhD, MA

Assistant Professor

Jenn Leiferman PhD

Professor, Chair (CBH Dept.), Director (RMPRC), Founder (PMHW)

John Lemery MD

Associate Professor

Lindsay Lennox

Marketing & Communications Senior Professional

Maureen Lenssen MSN

Senior Instructor

Andrew Leroux PhD

Assistant Professor

Sarah Leslie MPH, BS

Survey Operations & Data Systems Senior Professional

Mark Levine MD

Clinical Professor

Sarah Levine MPH

Professional Research Assistant

Arnold Levinson PhD, MJ

Professor, Director (CEPEG)

Lisa Lewis

Fiscal Assistant

Terri Lewis

Associate Professor

Kaigang Li PhD

Assistant Professor

Tianjing Li MD, PhD, MHS

Associate Professor

Yaqiang Li PhD, MPH

Senior Analyst & Programmer

Shu-Yi Liao MD

Assistant Professor

Ettie Lipner

Adjunct Instructor

Jill Litt PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor

Charles Little DO

Associate Professor

Jani Little PhD

Senior Statistician

Samantha Lopez Alvarez BS

Professional Research Assistant

Carrington Lott MPH

Research Coordination & Synthesis Professional (Systems for Action)

Steven Lowenstein MD, MPH

Professor, Associate Dean - Faculty

Jan Lowery MPH PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor

Rachel Lucas-Thompson PhD

Associate Professor

Esta Lukemire

Program Assistant, ColoradoSPH at UNC

Lorena Luna

Health Promotion Facilitator

Claudia Luna-Asturias LGSW

Faculty Instructor (CHA/PA Program)

Sandra Luna-Fineman MD

Associate Professor

Andrea Lund

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ming Ma MD, MPH

Senior Research Instructor

Francesca Macaluso MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Andrew Macfarland MCJ

Assistant Director of Research and Evaluation

Kari Mader MD

Assistant Professor

David Magid

Visiting Professor

Sheryl Magzamen PhD, MPH

Associate Professor

Lisa Maier


Suzette Mailloux ND

Professional Research Assistant

Emily Maiurro MS

Senior Professional Research Assistant, Senior Health Promotion Coordinator (RMPRC)

Matt Malcolm PhD

Associate Professor

Stephanie Malin PhD

Assistant Professor

Sheena Mammarappallil

Instructional Designer

Spero Manson PhD

Distinguished Professor, Director (CAIANH)

Julie Marshall PhD

Professor Emeritus

Jennifer Martin PhD

Assistant Professor

Daniel Martinez

Youth Program Sr. Specialist

Erin Martinez MPH

Communication Program Manager

Marlayna Martinez

San Luis Valley Community Research Liaison, Professional Research Assistant

Mercedes Martinez MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant, Project Coordinator

Grace Marx MD

Adjunct Instructor