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Lauren Boissy MPH

Senior Practice-Based Learning Professional

Kirk Bol MSPH

Adjunct Professor

Sarah Boland MPH

Research Assistant

Richard Boles PhD

Associate Professor

Sarah Borengasser

Assistant Professor

Evelinn Borrayo

Professor, Associate Director of Research (LRPC)

Grace Bosma MS

Research Instructor

Lanee Bounds

Business Service Program Manager

Neil Box PhD

Assistant Professor

Kristen Boyle

Associate Professor

Cathy Bradley PhD

Associate Dean for Research, Professor, Deputy Director (CU Cancer Center)

Sara Brandspigel MPH

Research Instructor (Dept. of Health Systems, Management & Policy) and Director of Outreach (IVPC)

Sarah Brannon

Adjunct Instructor

William Brazile

Industrial Hygiene Program Director (MAP ERC)

Angela Brega PhD

Associate Professor

Jeffrey Brent MD, PhD

Clinical Professor

Stephen Brindley MS

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Danielle Brittain PhD

Associate Dean for Academics & Student Affairs, Professor

Elena Broaddus PhD

Senior Instructor, Adjunct Instructor

Eric Brodell

Business Services Principal

Diane Brogden MA

Program Manager; Senior PRA

Ashley Brooks-Russell PhD, MPH

Associate Professor, Director (IVPC)

Carol Brown PhD

Deputy Director

Mark Brown PhD,MS,BS

Assistant Professor

Samantha Brown PhD

Assistant Professor

Talia Spark PhD, MS

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Research Epidemiologist

Katherine Browne PhD

Co-Director, Professor

Katie Brumfield MA

Career Services Senior Specialist

Brian Bucca OD

Associate Professor

Karen Buck

Adjunct Instructor

Jessica Buck-Atkinson MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Alison Bui MPH

Adjunct Instructor

Thai Bui

Adjunct Instructor

Sheana Bull PhD, MPH

Professor, Interim Senior Faculty Fellow for Online Learning, Director (mHealth Impact Lab)

Maya Bunik MD


Marisa Bunning PhD

Professor & Co-Director, Colorado Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence (CoE)

Meghan Buran MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Emily Burns

Assistant Professor, Senior Clinical Epidemiologist

Jaime Butler-Dawson PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Tim Byers MD,MPH

Professor Emeritus

Ben Bynum MD, MBA

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ned Calonge MD, MPH

Associate Professor

Emilie Calvello Hynes

Assistant Professor

Jon Campbell PhD

Associate Professor

Evan Carey PhD, MS

Clinical Assistant Professor

John Carey

Professional Research Assistant

Linda Carlin PhD

Senior Professional Research Assistant

Nichole Carlson PhD

Professor, Director (CIDA)

Elizabeth Carlton PhD, MPH

Associate Professor

Ellison Carter PhD

Assistant Professor

Jessica-Jean Casler

Adjunct Instructor

Chrissy Chard PhD

Assistant Professor

Megan Cherewick PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

May Chu PhD

Clinical Professor

Veronica Cisneros BA

Early Childhood Educational Coach

Maggie Clark MS, PhD

Associate Professor