Strategic Planning

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The strategic plan and process

The strategic planning process charting our school’s future from 2019-2024 is underway. 

A 12-person Steering Committee representing the school's three campuses, its diverse disciplines and programs, and its faculty, staff, and students was formed and met regularly throughout the strategic plan creation. This process included:

  1. the development of an overall and accepted plan by the Steering Committee
  2. implementation of working groups with foci determined by the Steering Committee through an open process
  3. development of reports by the groups for communication to the school and revision after feedback
  4. agreement on the final report and its recommendations (read the ColoradoSPH Stakeholder Interview Report 2019)
  5. groups external to the school, e.g., the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, were asked to provide input. 

The ColoradoSPH Strategic Plan was developed by the Steering Committee and its working groups in 2019. The plan is now being implemented under the direction of members of the Implementation Committee.

2021 Strategic priority action plans

Implementation Committee

Martha Henze

MPH Alum

Steering Committee

Martha Henze

MPH Alum

Working groups

Working group leadership is comprised of many Steering Committee members.

  • Working Group 1: Education: Co-leads Teresa Sharp and Molly Lamb, with Chloe Bennion as member
  • Working Group 2: Research: Co-leads Jini Puma and John Adgate, with Cathy Bradley and John Hokanson as members
  • Working Group 3: Public Health Practice: Co-leads Lee Newman and Virginia Visconti
  • Working Group 4: School Life and Diversity: Co-leads Cerise Hunt and Anne Starling, with Chloe Bennion, Mary Dinger, a student member (Martha Henze), Carolyn DiGuiseppi, and Dana Dabelea as members
  • Working Group 5: School as a Unit: Three co-leads, representing each campus: Dani Brittain, Tracy Nelson, and John Kittelson with Cathy Bradley and Jon Samet as members.