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The Office of Public Health Practice implements the school's goals and objectives related to practice and service in the community. Putting our public health knowledge into practice in the real world, in partnership with and service to communities, is central to our mission, vision, and values as a school. We engage in practice-based education, research, and partnership-building to improve the health, safety, and well-being of populations.

Our office convenes the Public Health Practice Committee which broadly represents the constituencies affected by our work. The committee meets on a bi-monthly basis to help establish, and work toward, our practice priorities and make recommendations.


Our office works collaboratively with both internal stakeholders—including the Center for Public Health Practice—and community partners. We have Academic Health Department (AHD) agreements with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment. These formal agreements create stronger bilateral relationships between our school and our state and local public health departments.

If you're interested in establishing an AHD agreement with the Colorado School of Public Health, please contact us.

Our team

Ned Calonge

Ned Calonge MD, MPH

Clinical Professor, Associate Dean for Public Health Practice
Neeloo Soleimanpour

Neeloo Soleimanpour MPH

Public Health Practice & Research Coordinator

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