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Maria Nobia de Garcia

Maria Noboa De Garcia

Health Promotion Facilitator
  • Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center

In her role as health promotion facilitator, Maria works in the Denver area and facilitates and implements for the RMPRC School Wellness Program. She works with preschoolers, elementary students, parents, and school staff in low-income preschools/elementary schools focusing on promoting nutrition education, physical activity, and overall health and wellness.

Previously, Maria worked at Vive Wellness Foundation where she served as a health coach facilitator for the “Transforming Your Wellbeing” program. In this role, Maria was responsible for preparing and facilitating workshops specifically designed for Vive’s leadership and instructors to develop strategies for improving mental and overall wellbeing. The ultimate goal of the program was to empower members of the Hispanic community to take control of their health, specifically mental and behavioral wellness.