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Jennifer Martin PhD

Assistant Professor
  • Department of Epidemiology

Dr. Jennifer Martin was born and raised in a small agricultural community in Central Texas. Despite early aspirations to be the first female President, it wasn’t until a chance experience with a problematic Hampshire barrow that Jennifer chose to pursue a degree in Animal Science from Texas Tech University.

Jennifer’s graduate experience at Texas Tech allowed her to pursue a variety of research interests in the areas of meat safety, shelf-life, nutrition, and quality. These research experiences have led to numerous publications, industry partnerships, academic collaborations, and a uniquely diverse skill set. Furthermore, as a graduate student, Jennifer helped instruct her department’s Anatomy course and had the unique opportunity to serve as the laboratory instructor/coordinator for the same undergraduate meat science course which elicited her own passion for the field. This experience fueled Jennifer’s passion for teaching and engaging other students.

As a faculty member at CSU, Dr. Martin’s research interests lie in a systems-based approach to meat safety and quality. She intends to explore the complex, interwoven, and ever-evolving pathways that influence the production of safe, sustainable, and high quality meat. Additionally, as a passionate educator, Jennifer plans to serve the department and its students by leading and teaching with not only a purpose, but also a passion.

Education, Licensure & Certifications

  • PhD, Texas Tech University
  • MS, Texas Tech University
  • BS, Texas Tech University


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