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Lisa McKenzie PhD, MPH

Associate Professor (C/T)
  • Department of Environmental & Occupational Health

Dr. McKenzie’s research has contributed to the understanding of how air pollutants and other exposures resulting from the unconventional development of petroleum resources may affect the public’s health. Her studies investigating associations between adverse birth outcomes and childhood cancers and proximity to oil and gas development are among the first epidemiological studies on this topic to appear in the published literature. Her sentinel human health risk assessment indicated the potential for respiratory, neurological, and developmental health outcomes resulting from exposure to air pollutants emitted during natural gas development. She has testified before the United States Congress and the Denver Metropolitan Regional Air Quality Council on the public health implications of natural gas development.

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental Epidemiology
  • Exposure and Risk Assessment
  • Air Pollution
  • Child Health
  • Oil and Gas Development

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