Our Team

CIDA believes in providing exceptional biostatistics support. From start to finish we stand behind the research we conduct and support. Our signature is on everything we do, therefore we are invested in each project, grant and partnership. We work hand in hand with the investigator to ensure that the right designs and analyses are used so we can help answer the the age old question, What’s in your data?

PhD biostatisticians

Masters core biostatisticians

PRA data managers

Varela headshot

Alejandro Varela MS

Senior Professional Research Assistant
Headshot of Victoria Soesanto

Victoria Soesanto BA

Professional Research Assistant

Administrative staff

Theresa Jennings

Theresa Jennings

Assistant Director Of Operations
Melissa Koons

Melissa Koons

Business Program Manager
Luan Nguyen

Luan Nguyen

Finance & Accounting Program Manager