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The Center for Innovative Design and Analysis offers comprehensive study design and statistical and data science collaboration primarily serving the CU Anschutz research ​community and the greater Denver region. We collaborate on a wide range of projects including: grant development, short-term analysis, and in-depth partnerships where a CIDA team member becomes embedded in your research unit. 

Our team consists of nearly 30 faculty and students with a wide range of expertise, providing us with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you learn what’s in your data. We are available to provide assistance with study design, data management, analysis, as well as other custom needs. Through the center's own research, we remain informed of current practices and develop novel methodologies so we can apply cutting edge approaches to get the most out of your data.

Our diverse group of biostatisticians, data scientists, and health economists is comprised of faculty members and graduate student apprentices primarily from the Department of Biostatistics and Informatics in the Colorado School of Public Health at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Learn more about how we can support your data through one time projects, building a partnership, grant proposal development, and one hour consultations. 

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The Center for Innovative Design and Analysis (CIDA) has formed a collaboration with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine (CCPM) to support campus analytical needs for research using CCPM biobank data. CIDA, known for sustainable and scalable research analytics, helps make CCPM biobank genetic data accessible to researchers who need support in completing analyses. All CCPM biobank genetic data requires approval from the Access to Biobank Committee (ABC). Please complete this application form to start the ABC approval process. Or, if you are interested in completing a cohort request or running a GWAS analysis, please fill out an investigator exploration application form. If you have questions about biobank data access and genetic data analysis, please contact

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