One Hour Consultation

CIDA offers a One Hour Consultation, free of charge, to anyone on campus. These consultations offer access to a biostatistician for individuals on campus who may not have statistical expertise, or have access to an individual with that expertise. 

The CIDA biostatistician is able to help talk through the project including structuring the project, data collection and issues, analysis, and interpretation. Turn your general research question into testable hypotheses. Receive assistance in developing a study design, implementing your analysis, or interpreting your results. The one hour consultation can be used in whatever way is best for your project's needs. 

While no in-depth analysis of a specific data set can take place during the one hour consult, the biostatisticians can help identify if you will need analytic or other biostatistical support and may direct you to submit a form to Request Biostatistics Consulting.

A little support goes a long way

Three individuals sitting at conference room table looking at computer.

A diverse team of CIDA's biostatisticians take time each week to meet with investigators in one hour consultations to help guide them on their projects.

“With the growing importance of rigorous statistical analysis in many situations across the university, it is useful to have the opportunity to get feedback and help from a biostatistician who may have experience with projects and analysis similar to what an investigator is working on”  says Andrew Hammes, MS, Research Instructor for CIDA. 

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