Our Team


lee newman photo

Lee Newman MD, MA

Distinguished Professor, Director (CHWE)
sara higgins photo

Sara Higgins

Associate Director for Business Services
Headshot of Lili Tenney

Liliana Tenney DrPH, MPH

Assistant Professor, Associate Director for Outreach (CHWE)
Mike Van Dyke photo

Mike Van Dyke PhD, CIH

Associate Professor, Associate Director for Continuing Education (CHWE)

Staff and faculty

william brazile photo

William Brazile

Industrial Hygiene Program Director (MAP ERC)
Cortney Cuff photo

Cortney Cuff MBA

Events & Community Relations Manager
Lynn Dexter Photo

Lynn Dexter MPH, MS

Professional Research Assistant
gwenith fisher

Gwenith Fisher

Occupational Health Psychology Program Director (MAP ERC)
Giselle Habeych photo

Giselle Habeych

Business & Grant Program Manager
Diana Jaramillo Photo

Diana Jaramillo MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant
Headshot of Tom Johnson

Thomas Johnson PhD

Health Physics Program Director (MAP ERC)
Amanda Kujawa photo

Amanda Kujawa BA

Communications & Marketing Senior Professional
Anonymous profile

Francesca Macaluso MPH

Senior Professional Research Assistant
Anonymous profile

Andrew Medlyn

Finance Program Manager
steve reynolds photo

Stephen Reynolds PhD, MS

Professor, Deputy Director (MAP ERC)
Headshot of John Rosecrance

John Rosecrance PhD

Professor, Occupational Ergonomics & Safety Program Director (MAP ERC)
Anonymous profile

Matthew Schilz MSW, MPH

Professional Research Assistant
Anonymous profile

Brenda Thompson

Education Administrative Coordinator
Laura Veith

Laura Veith

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Joelle Wedel photo

Joelle Wedel PA-C, MS

Senior Professional Research Assistant
Brian Williams photo

Brian Williams MD, MPH

Occupational & Environmental Medicine Residency/Fellowship Program Director