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Through our Mountain & Plains Education and Research Center (MAP ERC), we educate and fund the training of future occupational health and safety leaders. We offer interdisciplinary learning opportunities and financial support for trainees in five disciplines: occupational ergonomics, occupational medicine, industrial hygiene, health physics, occupational health psychology.
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Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced professional, you need to keep your knowledge and skills current. We offer online courses taught by accomplished faculty and industry leaders. Our courses are designed for flexible, self-paced study so that  you can learn in a way that works best for your schedule.
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Our Total Worker Health (TWH) leadership programs are designed for individuals who want to create a sustainable work culture that is safe, healthy, and productive. Our programs are applicable to business owners, executives, senior managers, benefits and HR professionals, occupational health and safety professionals, and public health professionals in public and private organizations in every industry.
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This certificate is designed for current public health students and new and mid-career professionals interested in improving worker health, safety, and well-being through work design. Students gain the knowledge and skills they need to lead practice-based research studies and interventions and effect change within organizations and communities.