About the study

The research project involves co-creation, implementation and evaluation of a psychological preparedness training for the public-school workforce, complimenting their current emergency preparedness plans and drills. The project also includes shared leadership and peer support components, encouraging teachers to support one another and engage with emergency preparedness planning and drills. Initially, we will work with six schools from one district with about 300 school-based personnel. We aim to offer this intervention to other school districts throughout the region upon completion of this study.

This training will make employees feel more psychologically prepared for an emergency, and will increase peer support related to emergency preparedness.

Courtney Welton-Mitchell PhD, MA Clinical Assistant Professor

The team

Miranda Dally MS

Senior Research Instructor

Sarah Levine MPH

Professional Research Assistant

Natalie Schwatka PhD, MS

Assistant Professor

Courtney Welton-Mitchell PhD, MA

Assistant Professor, Director (Certificate in Climate & Disaster Resilience)



This project stems from lessons learned from the Small+Safe+Well study and draws on the following research.

James, L., Welton-Mitchell, C., Noel, J.R., & James, A. (2019). Integrating mental health and disaster preparedness in intervention: RCT with earthquake and flood-affected communities in Haiti. Psychological Medicine, 1–11.

Welton-Mitchell, C., James, L., Khanal, S.N., James, A. (2018). An integrated approach to mental health and disaster preparedness: A cluster comparison with earthquake-affected communities in Nepal. BMC Psychiatry, Sep 15;18(1):296.

This program is supported by a cooperative agreement (2 U19OH011227-06-00) with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health as part of one of 10 national Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health®.