One Time Projects 

The Center for Innovative Design & Analysis (CIDA) offers comprehensive statistical and data science support for one time projects through our consulting center. Our team consists of over 30 faculty and students with a wide range of expertise, providing us with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you learn what’s in your data. We are available to provide assistance with study design, data management, analysis, as well as other statistical needs. Through the center's own research, we strive to remain informed of current practices and develop novel methodologies so we can apply cutting edge approaches to get the most out of your data.

To work with us, please fill out our Project Request form​ and a member from CIDA will contact you to schedule an opportunity to discuss your project's specific needs in detail and get a personalized quote. 

Campus comfort and reliability

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“CIDA is knowledgeable with the academic research structure and biological variables that investigators are interested in,” says Lauren Vanderlinden, MS and Research Instructor with CIDA. “Working with CIDA vs outsourcing to an off-campus statistical support organization gives you the comfort of working with someone who is on campus and is invested in your projects and research.” 

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