Our policy continuum

Our approach to local policy recognizes that systemic change is a cyclical process beginning with assessment and community engagement and progressing towards policy implementation and evaluation. This is represented in a circular diagram, with each stage of the continuum building on previous stages and their accompanying strategies and activities. This approach recognizes that real-world policymaking is not a linear process and that these stages are dynamic and often intersect.

graphic of continuum for local policy campaign cycle

What we offer

Tailored policy technical assistance

We offer one-on-one policy consultation to local governments, agencies, and communities.

Legal technical assistance

Policy language matters. The PSCN team assists with drafting ordinances and policies that have an equity lens.

Peer learning opportunities and support

The PSCN team hosts regularly scheduled group check-ins to facilitate learning, group connection, and peer-to-peer capacity building.

Stakeholder identification and relations

Connections with public health professionals, community members, and decision makers are critical to successful change efforts. Our team assists in the identification of partners in order to elevate community-driven health policy efforts.

Customized training events and materials

We develop customized fact sheets and conduct in-depth trainings to support and train stakeholders involved in the policy process.