Center staff are experienced in convening conversations and facilitating decision-making processes with diverse groups of community members and public health leaders. Contact the Center to learn more about how we can assist your group in your important upcoming work.


Public health seminars and symposiums

The Center hosts public platforms for interdisciplinary leaders to engage in dialogue on pressing priorities and emerging public health issues. These platforms range from seminars to symposiums. Recent topics have included:

  • The Role of Public Health in the Success of Health Care Reform: Closing the Gaps
  • Patient Navigation in the New Population Health System
  • Nutrition Policy
  • Oil and Gas Development: Public Health and the Environment
  • Marijuana and Public Health: The Evidence Base for Health Protection in Colorado
  • Ebola and Public Health
  • Obesity and Public Health

Public health prioritization processes

Obesity Integration Steering Committee

Center staff worked with the Obesity Integration Steering Committee at the CDPHE to identify state-level obesity prevention priorities. Center staff facilitated a process that spanned three months and included: identifying evidence-based obesity prevention interventions, determining criteria and decision-making process to be used to rank priorities, convening conversations with state and local partners, and determining the final list of priorities and recommendations to move forward for state-level implementation. A description of this collaborative project can be found in CDC’s Preventing Chronic Disease online journal: Tools for Identifying and Prioritizing Evidence-Based Obesity Prevention Strategies, Colorado.

Local public health priority setting

Center staff assisted local public health agencies with the critically important step of priority setting in the community health assessment process. Staff offered a variety of facilitation processes that enabled local public health staff and stakeholders to focus and strategically invest limited resources toward their community health improvement plan.

Clients and partners

  • Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment
  • Local public health agencies
  • Colorado School of Public Health — academic and center partners

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