Satellite Centers

Building on existing collaborative networks of Native health researchers, CAIANDTR incorporates 6 Satellite Centers that extend the parent Center’s impact to local stakeholder groups critical to growing and sustaining a successful translation research agenda specific to the prevention and treatment of diabetes among American Indians and Alaska Natives​.​

Map of the United States that highlights the location of the 7 CAIANDTR satellite centers, refer to content below for each location
The Alaska Satellite Center is housed in the Research Department at Southcentral Foundation in Anchorage, AK. Southcentral Foundation is a nonprofit health care organization established in 1982 to improve the health and social conditions of Alaska Natives and American Indians and has over 55,000 active users. Its Research Department pursues research consistent with and informed by the SCF health care mission. 

Lead: Denise Dillard, PhD (Inupiat), Director, Southcentral Foundation

Program Coordinator: Charlene Aqpik Apok, MA (Inupiaq), Researcher and doctoral student, Southcentral Foundation
The Pacific Northwest Satellite Center is led by Dr. Ka’imi Sinclair and Ms. Krystal Koop, both are housed in the Institute for Research and Education in Community Health at Washington State University, an interdisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians devoted to understanding and promoting quality healthcare, particularly in underserved populations. 

Lead: Ka`imi Sinclair, PhD, MPH (Western Cherokee), Assistant Professor, College of Nursing at Washington State University

Program Coordinator: Krystal Koop, Tribal Liaison for Partnerships for Native Health, Washington State University
The Southwest Satellite Center is housed in the Institute for Indigenous Knowledge and Development at the University of New Mexico. The Institute specializes in student and workforce development, community engagement, community-based participatory research, community health assessment, capacity building, program planning, and project management. 

Lead: Tassy Parker, PhD, RN (Seneca), Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine; Director, Institute for Indigenous Knowledge and Development, University of New Mexico​

Co-Lead: Nathania Tsosie, MCRP (Diné), Instructor, Institute for Indigenous Knowledge and Development, University of New Mexico 
The Central Plains Satellite Center is led by Dr. Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan, Director of the Center for Indigenous Health Research and Policy (CIHRP) at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Jernigan has established a rapidly growing research program involving several tribal nations focusing on improving the food environment through community empowerment and policy change to address obesity and diabetes in Native Americans in Oklahoma. 

Lead: Valarie Jernigan, DrPH (Choctaw), Professor, Center for Indigenous Health Research and Policy, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences - Tulsa​

Program Coordinator: Charlotte Love, MPH, CPH, Managing Director, CIHRP ​​​ ​​
The Southeast Satellite Center is led by Dr. Turner Goins at Western Carolina University’s College of Health and Human Sciences. Western Carolina University is a public university and is one of the 16 campuses of the University of North Carolina system. Dr. Goins is currently working closely with the Eastern Band Cherokee Indians and has worked with other tribal communities through the United States. 

Lead: Turner Goins, PhD, Ambassador Jeanette Hyde Distinguished Professor, Western Carolina University​

Program Coordinator: Pam Myers, MS, Western Carolina University 
The Northcentral Satellite Center is led by Dr. Tiffany Beckman at the University of Minnesota. The only board-certified American Indian endocrinologist in the U.S., Dr. Beckman’s research on food preferences, eating behaviors, and obesity among American Indians have led to more nuanced approaches to diabetes prevention and treatment. 

Lead: Tiffany Beckman, MD, MPH (Chippewa), Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, University of Minnesota​

Program Coordinator: Juanita Espinosa, BA (Spirit Lake Nation), University of Minnesota