Pilot & Feasibility Program

The Center for American Indian and Alaska Native Diabetes Translation Research (CAIANDTR) seeks to translate research of proven efficacy into clinical and community settings, with the goal of improving prevention and treatment of diabetes in Native populations. The CAIANDTR Pilot & Feasibility Program is pleased to announce the availability of funding to support research consistent with this mission.

Pilot Grant Opportunity

The CAIANDTR Pilot & Feasibility Program provides support for early-stage investigators (ESIs) committed to conducting translational research related to diabetes in American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations.

During this 18-month research and training program, funded investigators will:

  1. complete and publish a secondary analysis project relevant to diabetes in AI/ANs (Months 1-12) &
  2. develop a grant application seeking larger-scale funding for their research efforts (Months 13-18).

Successful applications will be those that hold promise of benefiting Native people, are scientifically meritorious, are feasible within the time and resources available, and represent an early step in an innovative line of inquiry that can continue beyond this initial investment. 

Next Funding Cycle

The Request for Applications for the next funding cycle will become available in Spring 2023.


    Contact Angela Brega, Pilot & Feasibility Program Director, at angela.brega@cuanschutz.edu for questions.