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The Native Elder Research Center is the only National Institute on Aging-funded Resource Center for Minority Aging Research devoted to Native Elder health. This leading-edge program is designed to train the next generation of Native Investigators to study the pressing gerontological health issues in AI/ANs.

Native child in traditional dress
The NCRE (Native Children's Research Exchange) Scholars Program provides career development support to early career investigators and late-stage graduate students interested in pursuing research on substance use and disorder and Native child and adolescent development. 
Two hands shaking with child's hand gripping each wrist
The Native Children’s Research Exchange Network & Conference brings together researchers studying child and adolescent development in American Indian and Alaska Native communities in the U.S. and Canada. Members gather annually to share in an open exchange of information and ideas, build collaborative relationships, and disseminate knowledge about Native child and adolescent development.
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Grantwriting Uncovered: Maximizing Strategy, Help, Opportunities, Experiences (GUMSHOE) is one of four professional development-training programs committed to increasing the number of scholars from diverse backgrounds who are successful in becoming independent investigators and securing NIH grants.

Young Native woman making a heart symbol with her hands in front of a sunset

The program trains promising new investigators in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease disparities, with interdisciplinary training that crosses the T0-T4 spectrum from basic science to community translation. While focusing on a selected area of this spectrum (e.g., basic science), trainees obtain hands-on or classroom experience with the other facets of translation in real-world clinical or community settings.