What is Native WYSE CHOICES?

Native WYSE CHOICES is a project developed for and with urban-based Native young women. We want to support Native young women, and help them make choices that are right for them, their health, and the health of future generations!
Logo for Native WYSE Choices (Women Young Strong Empowered)

What is our study about?

We have created 2 phone apps that address topics that are important to young Native women: Sexual health, contraception, and making smart choices about alcohol use. We also cover life skills like budgeting, credit scores 101, how to write a resume, and other professional development skills.

Urban Native young women have been largely excluded from research, and their voices deserve to be heard. Native WYSE CHOICES wants to bring their voices to our study and help us find out if the apps we created for them actually work and are important to their life experiences!  

We are conducting a randomized trial. That means that those who are eligible and willing to participate are randomly (by chance) assigned to 1 of the 2 apps. One group will get the opportunity to use the app about sex, contraception, and drinking. The other group will get the app about life skills, like budgeting and creating a resume. Everyone will get something!  

We understand how important your time is, and we want to pay you for helping us out! All participants will be paid for each step of the study process, which will look a little something like this:

  1. Taking a survey
  2. Registering and completing the sessions of the app
  3. Taking 3 more surveys over the course of about a year
In all, if a participant completes all parts of the study, they could be paid as much as $215 over the year!

Join our social media community

We are very active on social media, especially Instagram! Our social media platforms are for you! Our goal is to create a safe social media space for young Native women, by helping to empower and affirm their identity, celebrate their contributions to our world, and to connect them to other Native creators and pages.

Questions or need more information?

You can contact a member of our team at or give us a call at (720) 298-6844. You can also contact our project directors with any questions, concerns, or need for more information: Dr. Carol Kaufman or Dr. Michelle Sarche.

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