Special Publication, 1982

New Directions in Prevention among American Indian and Alaska Native Communities

This monograph, edited by Dr. Spero M. Manson, reports the proceedings of a special conference with contributions by authors who work in a diverse array of institutional settings.

The state of prevention is considered with respect to five areas: research, training, services, program evaluation, and recommendations for prevention research planning.

According to Dr. Stephen Goldston, former Director, Office of Prevention, National Institute of Mental Health, "the papers in this monograph and the accompanying discussion sections, as well as the recommendations, offer a comprehensive agenda for prevention research directed to American Indian and Alaska Native populations, as well as new, thoughtful approaches for research efforts directed to other special populations. The rapidly accumulating prevention research knowledge base is significantly enriched by the material contained in this monograph."

Front End, i-x


Introduction, 1-7

doi: 10.5820/aian.special.1982.in


Part 1: Research, 9-143

doi: 10.5820/aian.special.1982.9


Part 2: Training, 145-213

doi: 10.5820/aian.special.1982.145


Part 3: Services, 215-297

doi: 10.5820/aian.special.1982.215


Part 4: Evaluation, 299-367

doi: 10.5820/aian.special.1982.299


Part 5: Recommendations and Epilogue, 369-394

doi: 10.5820/aian.special.1982.369


Participants, 395-404

doi: 10.5820/aian.special.1982.395

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