Child Maltreatment National Peer Learning Team

What is the national peer learning team?

The Child Maltreatment National Peer Learning Team aims to help public health departments engage with the topic of child maltreatment prevention by learning about successful strategies, exchanging expertise on how to elevate the priority of this work within the realm of public health, and leveraging necessary resources to advance prevention.   

The team is a collaboration between the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the Program for Injury Prevention, Education and Research (PIPER). It launched in 2017 with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you are interested in joining the Child Maltreatment National Peer Learning Team and learning about future events, please contact us.

Upcoming webinars

2020 research-in-progress webinar series

Highlighted past webinars


Exploring Pre-birth Household Challenges and Early Childhood ACE Scores: Implications for Upstream Prevention presented by Jared Parrish, PhD 10/15/20


Gun Violence as an Adverse Childhood Experience: Reflections from Research and Practice Perspectives presented by Sonali Rajan, EdD, Danielle Kassow, PhD, and Virginia Rauh, ScD, 9/15/20


Evaluating Organizational Policies to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse presented by Luciana Assini-Meytin, PhD and Katherine E. Soule, PhD, 6/7/20.


Building Community Resilience: Addressing the 'Pair of ACEs' and Preventing Child Maltreatment through a Cross-Sector Approach presented by Harrison Newton, MPH, CPH, and Jeff Hild, JD, 5/18/20.


Opioids and Child Maltreatment: Neighborhood Factors to Protect Families presented by Nichole Michaels, PhD, and Bridget Freisthler, PhD, 4/16/20.