Student Projects

Picture of Kenzie Campbell

McKenzie Campbell

Suicide Among Adolescent Girls: The Role of Mattering as a Mediator Variable

Ms.Campbell is a Master of Public Health candidate at Boise State University and mentored by Dr. Megan Smith. Kenzie's project aims to compare rates of depress and suicidal ideation factors across gender and investigate the impact of risk and protective factors (such as mattering) on the relationship between depression and suicidal ideation in girls as compared to boys.

photo of Kate Smilligan

Katherine Smulligan

Predictors of Lower Extremity Injury Risk Following Sport-Related Concussion

The aims of Katherine Smulligan's project is to examine individual level predictors of subsequent injury following concussion, specifically socioeconomic status and cervical spine function. Kate's primary mentor is David Howell, PhD, in the University of Colorado Department of Orthopedics.

Photo of Dorothy Stearns

Dorothy Stearns

Sex Differences in Violent Death During Incarceration and Legal Intervention

Ms. Dorothy Sterns is a fourth medical student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She is mentored by Injury Center member, Dr. Catherine Velopulos. Her project will explore the role of the United States prison system in supporting incarcerated individuals through analyzing differences in death during incarceration and legal interventions by gender using the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) database from the CDC. Overall the project will help contextualize societal factors, such as social inequity, within the United States prison system. 

Basillo Carrillo

Alin Yuriko Badillo-Carrillo

Homicide-Suicide in the United States: A Deep Understanding of the Mental and Behavioral Health of Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Homicides


Ms. Badillo-Carrillo is pursuing a dual master’s in public health and Latin American studies at the University of New Mexico. The award will support an analysis exploring the association between intimate partner homicide-suicides and the perpetrators’ mental and behavioral health in the U.S. Upon graduation, Ms. Badillo-Carrillo hopes to create equitable intervention programs in communities of color and eventually obtain a PhD in a health-related field. Alin’s mentors are Laura Tomedi, PhD, MPH and Theresa Cruz, PhD, of the University of New Mexico.

Photo of Ligia Batista Silverman

Ligia Batista Silverman

Evaluating Contacts of Children Presenting for Suspected Physical Abuse: Understanding Disparities, Preventing Injuries

Ms. Batista Silverman is pursuing an MD at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The award will support a project to describe the variability and yield of occult injury testing in well-appearing contacts of children who have sub-specialty evaluation for suspected child physical abuse. Ms. Batista Silverman is a professional research assistant in the emergency department and child abuse pediatrics where she has worked on a variety of research projects and aims to become a leader in clinical and scholarly work. Ms. Silverman is mentored by Daniel Lindberg, MD, of the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Photo of Sameer Andani

Sameer Andani

Know Your Rights Car Sticker

Mr. Andani is pursuing an MD at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. His team includes Sarah Groover and Emily Heideman. Their award will support the creation, testing, printing and distribution of a car sticker that reviews a driver’s legal rights in the event of a traffic stop, in order to make traffic law more equitable and reduce police violence. Mr. Andani is a first-generation Pakistani college graduate. His mentor is Maurice Scott, MD, of the University of Colorado School of Medicine.